Sightseeing - Paris blog

Good evening,
Today we look at sights in Paris!
Now if your like me you may well enjoy some sporting sights! If you like Roland Garros the home of the French open! Sadly you can’t do a tour currently due to security but you can of course do the museum and get pics from the gates, if you like tennis it’s worth a visit for only €8 or €7 if your disabled!
The Stade De France the main stadium In France. If your like me you will enjoy looking at football stadiums when they are peaceful! I love the architecture of stadiums old & new. You can do an English tour for €15 make sure you book an English tour, although the French tours are cheaper!

Other - Things to see
The most iconic landmark is the Eiffel Tower and of course you can get pics within the gardens with the tower as your back drop or you can go up the tower but although you get views you won’t get a view with the tower, surly the most iconic part of the skyline. Anyway to go up the tower it’s advisable To pre book or risk long …

Match day report - psg at home

Good evening,
I know I normally post my match day blog earlier but after the events last night Ive been expressing my feeling to Man Utd and took some time out as well as replying to messages on twitter from followers, much Thanks to you all.
So a Tuesday match day! I started my day by taking a little nap, although I couldn’t sleep with as my cat decided he wanted to be my best mate! I then got up and had my medication before getting ready!
Once ready I started my journey to Manchester, I was speaking to Ben about the match and general stuff, I do enjoy our chats, he’s a great lad.
The traffic wasn’t the best In places but we got through and parked up before we headed down to the ground, I had a message from Neil who was optimistic of the result!
Being a European night we all had to go in via AE1 so that was different! I met up with Andy and Nigel for a brief chat and then Helen who had kindly brought me a birthday card & gift to the game, thanks Helen!
Me, Jamie, Matt & shay made o…

Self care

Evening all,
I’m still feeling a bit rough if I’m honest however I cheered up this morning when I got a package my monthly treat box as I like to call it!
For those of you that don’t know I love notebooks, it’s true who doesn’t? Which also leads to general stationery, posh pens, sticky notes you get the idea!
Today’s box of stationery goodness arrived for this month and made me smile! This month I got an A5 notebook with a face on the front, 3 x highlighters of pastel colours, triangle sticky notes and four pages of stickers! 
You see when you suffer like I do with pain and depression a bit of self care is really important so I’ll have to test out those highlighters later! 
Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to Manchester for the PSG game so I’ll be back on Wednesday for a match day blog!

Vicky xx

Fulham away - match day blog!

Morning all,
I’m sat at my desk looking at my screen and thinking about what order to post in, but I thought this one should come first, as the next is a bit of a brain dump about football & people you meet a long the way! But let’s get into it!
Unusually we start the day before and I’ve got to best I was feeling really unwell with going dizzy to the point I was holding on to my desk and feeling honestly so sick it was not good, then the pain had been so bad I had spent a lot of the week medicated & laying down! 
But after a check up and told I was ok and should probably just push past it!
The day started with Jamie running a bit late, then someone reversing into the back of the car! We ended up at the train station and a coffee being dropped all over the floor, but I’d had a chat to Ben so I was relatively calm, bens a great advocate of positivity! 
The journey was long with a lot of people using the toilet next to me, although some absolutely hilarious moments! The train was comi…

Growing up with CHD friends

Today we look back ...
I was very lucky to be apart of Young at Heart which was set up by Sandra & Ray and supported parents and kids with CHD that cane through Birmingham children’s.
I was so lucky as it meant I knew and grew up with other heart kids around me, Emma was the main person we made many memories, including our mothers having a bit to much drink singing and loosing wedding rings in the garden lol! Or ending up in mud at the sea side and now me & Emma laughed! We are both in our 30s now and still in touch.
Through Emma & Young at heart I met others with CHD including, Chloe, Gemma, Kate, Matt Paul S and Paul T and I’m sure more that my memory forgets. You see I’m still I’m tough via social media with some and well always be friends to some extent. I’m forever proud of each and everyone of them for what they have achieved and how they cope when health isn’t great, I’ve been extremely lucky with my heart, I’m very thankful for this.
Now let’s take you back to …

Currency & getting around - Paris blogs

Morning all & welcome back to the Paris blogs!
First up we are going to look at currency, I know your all thinking it’s euros what more is to know, but I’ll carry on anyway!
But what are your options with currency!
Cash  you can exchange your sterling into euros before leaving for France, there’s lots of places you can exchange your cash even in the airport for the last minute!
Debit card currently you can use your brutish bank cards and you’ll be charged a fee by many banks per transaction! But it’s handy if you run out of cash!
Currency card this is my favourite, I can transfer money on to a pre paid card and exchange it to euros when the exchange rate is good and back to sterling if I don’t use it! Some cards have fees so be on the look out for that, but if you travel a bit it gives you a place to save it In many currency (euros, dollars etc) 
Myself I use a mixture of all three depending on length and need to use a taxi! Although some places including France if you download the Uber…

Leicester away - match day blog

Morning all!
Yesterday brought Leicester away!
The day started unusually as I was let down very last minute and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go, which I find really frustrating!
Thankfully my brother came and it was his first away day! Luckily we are only around 45 miles from Leicester so it takes an hour or there about.
As we was traveling I had a text from Jamie asking if I’d spoke to Neil which of course I had! 
I had spoken to Neil and Ben who was on holiday! We made our predictions, I went 2-1 as did Ben and Neil went 3-1. I found it interesting we all had little faith in a clean sheet!
Now it was my brothers first ever away day! I was hoping for a win! It’s always special going to the first with a family member and kind of proud passing it down! Although I don’t think my brother will be a regular away day fan!
Getting to Leicester was rather straight forward I was feeling a bit apprehensive going with out Jamie but I knew that Neil was around and if all failed I’d have just rang! But …