Off season - week 5 travel

Hey guys!
Week 5 of off season!
I've finished ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus and I really enjoyed the book overall! I've now started ”just friends” by Elizabeth Grey.
I'm visiting York at the end of this week. I'm looking forward to the 4 days always from home! I've got a few details to confirm in the coming days like restaurant reservations! 
I can’t believe Oslo is 42 days away! I've got my hotel & flights sorted but need to confirm my itinerary! I'm super excited to visit a new country Norway & City! 
I've also penciled in a trip to Madrid in September. Which I'm super excited about as its my favourite city in Europe! I've not really planned anything well I've booked my favourite hotel!
I’d like to update you on my dad. He had a stroke 15 days ago. Dads had surgery to unblock his artery and he’s now home which is such a relief to us all. I’d like to thank everyone for the well wishes & support during a difficult period.
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Week 4 - emotional rollercoaster

Hey guys!
Week 4 of off season!
Still reading ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus as I'm writing this I'm on chapter 8 and enjoying it still, I’ve taken a few moments hear & there this week to read in what’s been a tough week.
As I said last week I’m planning a trip to York! So this week I’ve been looking at places to get food! Although I doubt we’ll get much else dome bar eat, drink & enjoy the spa, it’ll be a great weekend and less than 2 weeks now!
I can’t believe Oslo is 50 days away to (I think!) I’ll have to get on with planning my trip after York.
I’m also planning a cheeky night out in Manchester (well it’ll be one pub only I feel) with one of the lads & I’m looking forward to that! Drinks, take away & a good laugh with one of my fav people!
Talking of Manchester & the lads it brings me to my Season ticket which I was surprised to receive this early, they are on it this off season! I’ve mixed feelings with the upcoming season, excited to be back up north with…

Off season - week 3

Hey guys!
Week 3 of off season!
Still reading ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus as I'm writing this I'm on chapter 6 and enjoying it so far, I've got to be honest I've not read as much as I'd hoped too with having a bit of a week!
I have booked a little weekend away to york, which I’m looking forward to as I’ve never been and will be some much needed chill time!
I had planned todo my standard update on the week but in truth none of that seems important right now, you see my dad had a stroke.
It all unfolded on Saturday evening, it was the champions league final and I We’d planned for him to come & watch it with me, not going to lie we was team spurs (gutted for Tottenham) but it got to like 10 to 8 and hadn’t arrived which was really weird, so I text my brother and he said weird. So I rang my dad and he was just shouting vicky vicky which I was like oh he can’t hear? So I hung up and told my brother he should maybe go down. I rang again this time he sounded really dist…

Off season weekly - week 2

Hey guys!
Week 2 of off season!
Still reading ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus as I'm writing this I'm on chapter 4 and enjoying it so far, I've got to be honest I've not read as much as I'd hoped too with having a bit of a week!
This week I did manage to watch ”friends with benefits” which I really enjoyed and even managed not to full asleep, which is impressive this week in particular!
As for the living room renovation update! This week I've decided on the wallpaper its a light pink with rose gold symmetrical lines and the other walls will be painted in a light grey / off white type colour! 
I also booked a break to Oslo Monday to Thursday in July so I'm excited for that! I've ordered a guide book so I can have a good read lf that helping me plan the trip! More details will come as I read about Oslo & the accessibility of the city!
This week also saw two birthdays, my little brother & neil too happy birthday again both!
Now the not so good part of the…

Next season I want to...

Hey guys,
So today I decided to sit and think about next season as I’ve been going to matches for so Long I thought it would be interesting to shake it up a bit!
Buy a program at a home game!Get Adam to an away match!Get a picture with Neil (we said we’d do this last season lol)Take a picture outside, every game I attend!Sit in the stretford end Get to a Birmingham gameMeet up pre match at pub with mates!Go to the grove! Make a weekend of a home game!Travel to an away with a group of mates!
So that's my 10 things.. I was going to do more but lets keep it realistic! So let's put the reasoning behind them below!
This was one of the easiest! It's not something I do! So I thought this season id mix It up a bit & get a program for maybe the derby or last game of season!I'd said to Adam that next season he has to come an away match with me & Jamie!Haha I said this to Neil last season and even in the most of Paris we never got one so next season its happening! As I don…

I'm going to Norway!

Hey guys!
So as I was half expecting to be going to a European qualifier in July I thought I'd head off to a friendly match instead! So I'm off to OSLO in July / August! I'm super excited as I've never been to Norway and it's my second time to Scandinavia the first was to Sweden for the Europa league final!
So follow me a long as I plan my trip as I'm going to two matches and so two stadiums! I'm also needing to look at accessibility in Norway! Hope you enjoy the planning blogs & thr trip blogs and hopefully I'll get some pictures along the trip too!
Vicky xx

Off season weekly - week 1

Hey guys!
Week 1 of off season!
So this week has been quite quiet overall. 
I started my first summer read ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus as I'm writing this I'm on chapter 3 and enjoying it so far, it's not a massive book so ill probably finish it by next week! 
I managed to watch a film, mumma mia, it was my first time watching it, got do be honest I fell asleep, I'll have to rewatch it! Talking of that I've watched 3 series of mum on the TV!
I had a therapy session too, which was very helpful, I had some tears but I was laughing at the end!
I've been a depressive episode as well, so I've felt not up to much but I'm hoping it will pass.
I watched the WBA v Villa match on the TV it was a good match over all, gutted for WBA though as it's my uncles team. I also watched the Leeds v Derby match which was a thrilling game, derby won and so its villa v derby at Wembley to see who will come up to the premier league. I also watched the cup final between city &a…