Match day 11... The one I saw my mates at HT

Hey guys!
It's match day 11... West Ham away at the London stadium!
Today started off in the Hilton as we was away for Adams birthday! After a short 1 hour drive to the stadium and then finding a car park space we headed into westfield Stratford! 
Of course we headed for food In particular fast food! After eating heading to the stadium so I wrapped up, blanket, hat, scarf winter games are back! Getting into the stadium wasn't bad!
I had predicted 2-1 and neil 3-2 both going for a united win!
As I was in my seat Neil came behind and tapped Adams back and smiled at me! We always catch up when we least expect it!
The game was well... Not the best!
Half time however was more interesting! First off I saw Jamie & shay, Jamie looked tired! Then I had a tap on my shoulder & turned around for a chat with Gary. Then Neil appeared with his brother Matty who I met officially we was all chatting before saying bye & then I briefly went and saw Mef before heading to my seat!
The second h…

Match day 10.... The one Neil predicted 7!!!!!

Hey guys!
It's match day 10.. What? Where's the season going! This time we have our first Europa league match of the season.. Yup I know the excitement is real!
It was only a short drive to Manchester as I was up in the north west (which I'll explain soon!) but as we decided to stop for Macdonalds we ended up running late doh!
Walking well rolling down I was texting Andy sadly we didn't catch up, time just got away from me. Adam got his classic burger & of course a program that he collects!
I then went into the stadium and got a team sheet & caught up with Ann Marie!
Now I need to back up a bit before the delights (LOL) of the game! To a little matter or two that happened earlier! Firstlt let's talk predictions, oh my days, they were wild, let's start with Neil who went all out 7-0.. Oh mate haha! Then to Adam who went 5-0 and me I went 4-0.. Hahaha!!!! Oh the audacity of us!!!!
We then have the meeting of me & woody which ended in a smile and Adam buying…

Match day 9... Penalty wins in United v Leicester

Hey guys,
Today we headed back to old trafford for the visit of Leicester city!
I was again starting my day in Manchester this time near the Trafford Centre. So after getting up I headed into Manchester, this wasn't my best idea with the tour we Britain going on! We ended up at Wetherspoons for a few drinks and food, we'll Adam had food!
Before we headed to Old Trafford, I was heading to the town hall as I was due to catch Katie & give her a doorbell, sadly traffic was awful and we missed each other by minutes!
Neil & I had done predictions this match and both were feeling confident of a united win, Neil went for 4-1 and I went 3-2... We were both expecting lots of goals in this match. Talking of Neil wed had a conversation earlier in the day talking about an upcoming night out we are going on, he seemingly was talking about his suit & I said he’d look smart!
When I got down to the stadium I caught up with Andy first as he was giving me my blanket which he had from the …

City v united women ... match day 8

Hey guys!
Well firstly I’m so sorry I’m only doing match day blogs right now August was some what all over the place with lots of memories being made with Adam but I will update you on this soon, maybe next week! 
I also have a lot going on at home right now, again I’ll update you next week! Some exciting things are going on here! But I also need todo a special blog about friendship you know I love a good friend blog!
Anyway let’s get on to match day 8 which was a new experience for me a womems game and an away game at that at the Eihad stadium, the first ever Manchester derby in the women's game!
The day started with a call to Andy to get his ETA as we was heading to Manchester together!
We parked at city and then walked round to stadium and I even brought a program which is a first! I thought it was a good idea to get one as it’s a historic game.
We then walk we’ll roll over to the velodrome! Where I met a group of fans who follow the women’s team for for the time and got a song sheet…

Europa league ...

Hey guys,
So today I thought I’d give my thoughts on the Europa League draw!
Firstly I was watching on my IPad and I’m not going to lie it gave me a good giggle! Literally not sure we could have had a worse location 2 really the only saving grace was a club in the Netherlands!
First up we have AZ which is the team in the Netherlands to be exact its The Hague district. I’m defiantly up for this game and so will apply in the ballot, nothing like a trip to the Netherlands although not sure how I’ll do the logistics yet!
The second team is Partizan Belgrade in Serbia! Now I’m up to a trip to Belgrade but I have no idea what the access will be like so I’ll have to do some research before I make my ultimate decision but it certainly will be a place to tick off in both my travels & football journey!
The final team we drew was FC Astana! I hear you who? It’s a team in Kazakstan and being honest this is likely one I just won’t be contemplating! I just fear the worse with access & such! But …

Matchday 7 ... Southampton v united .. the one I was sick for!

Hey guys!
It’s match day seven, how are we here already! We have a trip to Southampton away today!
Now some back story. I felt awful it had been a really tough week with illness and questioned if I should even go to the game after ending up in A&E in Salford at the start of the week. Talking of that I’d like to thank all my mates for your love & support while I was there. It was a suspected blood clot on my lung thankfully it wasn’t but I’m not scared to say for a moment I was really worried, big thanks to Salford Royal and yes I’m complicated! 
I ended up going to the match in the end after a lot of though, the worse was the thought of going to be sat in the car with the seat belt and I’ll tell you it hurt a lot, must learn to put myself first in such circumstances.
The journey was long and painful and I ended up asleep at one point! Waking up in Southampton a place that fills me with dread. Due to past experience away from football, it’s just a mixed place for me with uni & …

Match day 6 - united v palace ...

Hey guys!
Match Day 6 OMG! How am I 6 games into this season already! Today was united v palace! 
My match day was so different! So I started my day off in Chorley! It's a long story ill explain one day! I was wearing a dress, I know shocking but id forgotten my sandals, gutted! So I tweeted about it and wearing my trainers in truth my confidence was a bit low. Anyway I spoke to Lauren on Twitter and she made me feel more confident so I rocked my trainers! Anyway it was a short trip to Manchester stopping off for ice cream! 
On the way down I spoke to Andy who was experiencing lots of traffic on the motorway. After checking in to a hotel at salford queys (I'll tell you about hotels in the next few blogs). It was time to head into Manchester!
We took a cab and I had a great chat with the lad who gave some good advice when using taxis, as a wheelchair user. 
We headed to Barca bar in deansgate. Against my better judgement with time constraints. But it was good to see a group of reds …